Sunset wins the children’s picture competition!

Nov 10, 2020 | Valleyside News

Sunset wins the children’s picture competition!

Nov 10, 2020

This year we introduced a children’s nature activity which included a scavenger hunt, leaf colouring, a tree word search and colour nature bingo! Young glampers could also enter a picture competition to win a bug box by drawing their favourite thing about glamping.

We short-listed four and got our Facebook followers to vote for their favourite. Audrey, aged 6, beautiful sunset won. Many of our glampers have captured some amazing sunset photos while staying with us, so it was a perfect picture to win.

Valleyside Escapes Picture Competition

We would also like thank our other finalists who were all worthy winners…Florence, aged 6 for her brilliant drawing of the children’s play area, Myla, aged 7 for her cartoon strip-style story of her holiday and Nuala and Tommy for their abstract interpretation of the cabin bed and den which all children absolutely love sleeping and playing in.

We hope you enjoy these masterpieces as much as we do!



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