New features for glampers in 2020!

Jan 12, 2020 | Valleyside News

New features for glampers in 2020!

Jan 12, 2020

Land Rover at Valleyside EscapesWe’re well and truly in the swing of the new year and decade so here is an update you on what exciting things we have planned when glamping at Valleyside Escapes in 2020.

We have a new mode of transport to carry our glampers luggage up and down to the tents – it is a gorgeous red Land Rover Defender. There’s tons of space so don’t worry if your car is overflowing when glamping with us.

We’re introducing more features for children starting with a games locker. Thank you to one of our guests who suggested this – it will be housed in the Honesty shop and will include games for all ages and abilities from Guess Who to Trivial Pursuit.

Children's picture competitionWe’re also introducing a picture competition and want to see the best thing children have experienced while on holiday glamping in Devon, through the expression of art. All fabulous masterpieces will be displayed in a special gallery section of the shop. We’ll create a shortlist and then vote for a winner at the end of the season via our Facebook page. The prize is a natures explorer kit. Our annual Easter egg hunt around the glampsite will also take place in April.

Egg and toast - breakfast at Valleyside Escapes

There will be a wider variety of goods in the honesty shop including coffee, a herbal tea selection and more breakfast options.

In the safari tents we are installing electric toasters – while the romance of a traditional camping toaster is great, if you’re doing more than two pieces it takes a while and it is luxury camping after all!

We better get on with our to do list, it’s 75 days and counting until we re-open for season 2 at Valleyside Escapes.


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