A special Platinum Jubilee celebration!

Jun 6, 2022 | Valleyside News

skittles at Valleyside Barn & EscapesWhat a busy Platinum Jubilee weekend it has been! Bickleigh village held a series of events and festivities to mark this historical moment. On Friday evening it was our turn and we switched the usual Friday night courtyard bar to the bar at Valleyside Barn – our new wedding and events barn also on-site.

Local caterer the Ginger Pig served up a delicious BBQ and the burgers in particular were a taste sensation! Children had the chance to decorate their very own crown or design one and enjoyed the freedom of playing football in the paddock and were entertained by a giant skittles alley and garden games.

Strawberry rum cocktail by sew whiteAlongside our regular bar we scoured the internet for a cocktail fit for a Queen! We found a strawberry rum cocktail by Sisley White which went down a storm. It would be a perfect cocktail to serve throughout the summer so we thought we would share the recipe – click here for the full details – all you need is strawberry puree, lime juice, spiced rum and ginger ale.

A fun time was had by all – cheers Ma’am and thank you!

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