Our Green Charter

Devon is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful parts of the country in the UK. Here at Valleyside Escapes we want to do whatever we can to protect not only Devon but our planet as a whole to ensure that future generations can enjoy this amazing place that we live in.

As a small family-run business we take our responsibilities to protect the planet seriously. There are lots of things that we do that comply with environmental standards that we have never shouted about! Our vision and overarching goal in relation to the ‘green agenda’ is to proactively and consciously make changes however small that can positively impact the environment and consider any environmental factors when making business decisions.

This is our green charter and what we are currently doing to support a more sustainable, eco-friendly and greener future…

Live the repair, reuse and recycle ethos

We ask our glampers to recycle 100% of the packaging they bring on site and make this an easy process. Our safari tents are furnished with a mixture of upcycled and new furniture and our play area utilised used excess wood and second hand farm tyres.

Protect and enhance our natural environment

Our site is a haven for wildlife we have a meadow, pond, orchard and are just minutes from the River Exe. We have installed bird boxes to provide nesting sites and we regularly rescue chickens from the British Hen Welfare Trust. At the river meadow we frequently litter pick any rubbish that has been washed downstream and are in the process of developing a tree planting schedule.

Ethical purchasing mindset

We source products for our welcome pack and bar locally within Devon to reduce carbon emissions. We consciously partner with companies that also support positive green practises. We recently purchased an electrical Quadzilla for maintenance jobs on-site. We also provide ideas for guests of things to do on our doorstep (the Exe Valley Way footpath runs through our site) to encourage ‘active travel’.

Refill & reduce plastic use

We re-fill all of the toiletries in our bathrooms as well as our cleaning products including washing up liquid and cleaning sprays thereby removing single-plastic use. For any plastic that is used we ensure it is 100% recycled.

Use natural products

The luxury skincare products by 100 Acres that we use in our bathrooms are made of only the freshest 100% natural botanical ingredients. We use Ecover and plant-based cleaning products and buy these in bulk so we can refill the containers.

Conserve energy

The external night-time lighting uses low-energy bulbs and is movement controlled minimising both the use of energy and the amount of light pollution.

Support our community

Our courtyard bar provides a regular community hub on a Friday evening and we strive to be good neighbours and actively support our local community in a wide variety of ways including membership on the Parish Council and school PTA.

The world continues to evolve and we commit to regularly reviewing and further developing the sustainability and eco-friendliness of our site in the future.

We have also submitted an application to receive a Green Tourism award.