Glamping Wedding Weekends

15% Off Special Offer

What are the glamping wedding weekend special offers?

These are weekends when there is a wedding in Valleyside Barn on the Saturday evening and wedding guests don’t require accommodation. We offer 15% off the whole weekend glamping stay (2 or 3 nights).

How far away are the glamping tents from Valleyside Barn?

Our Valleyside Escapes safari tents are located right at the top of our land and are in a separate location. The barn is situated over 100 metres below. Take a look at the video and pictures to give you an idea. The first picture was taken from the veranda of the Oak safari tent and you can only just see the top of the roof of the the rear of the barn. The second picture was taken from the rear terrace of the barn and you can just see the roof of the Oak safari tent on the Valleyside.

Rural Business Awards Presentation
Valleyside Escapes - Devon Tourism Award 2019 - Official Photo

Why do you offer a discount?

We offer a discount because you won’t be able to use all the facilities on a wedding weekend. The courtyard bar is not open to sit in on a Friday evening but you can still come and purchase alcohol to take back up to your veranda to enjoy overlooking the beautiful Exe Valley. The games room will be available to use on the Sunday but not the Saturday.

What time do wedding guests leave?

Generally music finishes at 11pm and guest have normally departed by 11.30pm.

Will we hear music from the barn?

The barn was converted and has noise insulation installed and we are required to keep doors closed when music or bands are playing. You may hear some distant music or low level conversation from the terrace but nothing that is loud.

This is what previous glamping guests who stayed during a wedding said about their experience…

“We have stayed at Valleyside Escapes twice, both times over a wedding weekend. To be honest, our stays were mostly unaffected by the weddings taking place. We were out and about during any rush of guests arriving and, although we could hear the buzz of celebrations and music in the evening, the merriment never disturbed our children’s sleep. We only live 10 miles away but both visits have felt like an escape.”

Laura Smith – stayed in Oak tent in August 2022 and Birch tent in August 2023

“We had an amazing weekend, we barely even noticed there was a wedding going on as the parts are completely separate, and noise levels were also minimal. We also didn’t experience any lapse in service during that period, we still felt very looked after. All in all, I would still highly recommend visiting even if there is a wedding happening!”

Amber Shinton – stayed in Birch tent in May 2023

““We Stayed at Valleyside Escapes, for our third time, last July during a weekend when there was a wedding on site. The wedding setting is quite away from the beautiful glamping tents, so really the two don’t interfere at all. There is also still plenty of parking space again to accommodate everybody. Our stay wasn’t at all affected by the wedding reception, if anything it was lovely to see, from above, the wedding party having fun (the tents are higher up than the barn). It was nice to see the beautiful, recently renovated, barn all set up and decorated.

The space and openness of Valleyside Escapes perfectly allows the possibility of hosting a party while guests are enjoying the glamping experience, with the added bonus of a discount included – a win-win situation for us! We would have no hesitation in staying again during a wedding weekend.”
Carlotta, Peter, Luca and Nacho the pup – stayed in Oak tent in July 2023

Which weekends are you offering with a 15% discount?

There are some bank holiday and summer school holiday dates available in 2024…

  • May 24-27 – 2nd Bank Holiday weekend
  • May 31 – 3 June
  • June 14 – 16/17
  • June 28 – 30 June/1 July
  • August 2 – 5
  • August 30 – 2 September

How do we book?

Just select the wedding weekend special offer rate when booking online.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to drop us an e-mail or call us on 01884 855538!